HDFC Bank 10x Smartbuy offer extended till May 31, 2020

HDFC Bank 10x Smartbuy offer extended till May 31, 2020 1

May 13,2020 Update: The HDFC Bank Smartbuy offer has been extended till May 31st, 2020 with no other changes.

There is no doubt that HDFC Bank 10x Smartbuy is the most lucrative offer currently in Indian credit card space. Every year there are rumors that the offer won’t be extended, but considering HDFC has made a lot of investment in promotion and website and also adding new merchants to the offer, it gets extended every year. This year also HDFC has extended the 10x smartbuy offer till April 30, 2020, which we expect to be extended further.

Earlier, the bank used to provide equal 10x reward points for all the cardholders, but now 10x reward points could be earned only on HDFC Infinia, Diners card & Regalia variant. Also, now you can earn a maximum number of reward points based on your card. All other credit and debit card holders can earn 5% cashback with a maximum limit of Rs 1000 per calendar month.

HDFC Bank 10x smartbuy
Here are the details of the reward points which you can earn card wise-

  • HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card– You can earn the highest 10x points with HDFC Infinia credit card, whose limit is set to 25,000 reward points per month. To earn 25,000 bonus reward points, you need to spend Rs 83,400 on Smartbuy ( You would earn 25000 bonus points and 2780 regular points when you spent 83400)
  • HDFC Bank Diners Black Credit Card– If you are having HDFC Diners black credit card, you can earn a maximum of 15,000 reward points each month. To  earn 15,000 reward points, spent has to Rs 50,100 on smartbuy ( For Rs 50,100 spend you would be earning 15,000 bonus reward points and 1670 regular points)
  • HDFC Bank Regalia/Regalia First/Diners Privilege/Diners ClubMiles/Diners Club Premium credit card – For these credit cards you can earn a maximum upto 5,000 rewards points which can be achieved by spending Rs 20,850 ( 5000 bonus points and 556 regular reward points)
  • Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card- For this card also you can earn a maximum of 5,000 reward points, but to earn 5000 bonus reward points, you need to spend Rs 27,900 (5000 bonus reward points and 558 regular reward points)
  • All Other HDFC Credit and Debit cards- 5% Cashback upto Rs 1000 per calendar month.

How to earn 10x reward points

  • Hotel & Flight Booking: You can earn 10x reward points by booking your hotels here and flights here. You can also book multi-city flights and avail 10x reward points by calling the concierge service. For booking multi-city flights, we suggest that you initially search on and then call as HDFC concierge is using the same system for booking. Also in multi-city booking, you can have a maximum of 3 sectors.
  • Bus & Train Booking: You can book your buses, which is powered by redbus and trains powered by IRCTC via HDFC Bank Smartbuy site and earn 10x points.
  • Shopping via Amazon and Flipkart: You can get 10X points on purchase from Amazon and Flipkart by just visiting these websites from the smartbuy website.
  • Instant Vouchers: This is one of the newest category added on the Smartbuy website via which you can earn 10x points. Via this, you can get e-vouchers of most of the retail and online stores instantly. I have been purchasing vouchers via this on a regular basis, considering you get upto 33% reward points and also discount and other offers on purchasing e-vouchers.  Recently limit has been applied on the purchase of Amazon vouchers. You can purchase a maximum of Rs 5,000 in a calendar month.
  • Compare & Shop: Y0u can search for various products here. Compare & shop from various websites and earn 10x reward points.

Important Terms & Conditions

  • 10x reward points on EMI transactions can only be earned when booking flights, hotels, buses, Instant vouchers on the smartBuy website, and when purchasing via Flipkart from the smartbuy website.
  • You cannot earn 10x points on purchasing jewellery/gift cards or booking Flights/hotels via Flipkart or Amazon.
  • When purchasing on Amazon via the Smartbuy website, the product shouldn’t be already in the cart; otherwise, you won’t earn any bonus reward point.

Bottom Line

Over the years, HDFC has made several changes to the Smartbuy offer, but it’s still the best offer available for cardholders in India. You can virtually get 33% reward points on virtually everything by proper utilizing this offer. Like you can purchase an Amazon voucher and pay your mobile/broadband bill via that. You can purchase your groceries from Big Bazaar by again purchasing gift vouchers.

The only drawback is that you need to track all your transactions and check whether reward points have been properly credited or not. If not, then you need to raise the issue with HDFC bank support and provide proofs of purchase. We are maintaining an excel sheet for all our 10x transactions and if we don’t see reward points credited in 90 days, then we raise the issue with HDFC Bank.

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